A Mexican company for Mexican officers.

Grupo Sniper was founded in 1997 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Initially, Sniper served as a training company for police officers in the Bajio Region, but thanks to the high commitment of our founder, Carlos Martínez Acuña, the company grew almost immediately from only Training to Equipment Sales and Public Security Advisor.

From the very beginning, it was clear the need for high quality and performance police equipment in our country, our staff had worked themselves as police officers in three government levels and lived in first hand the hard time of protecting their lives with low standard and no warranty vest, uniforms, batons, chemical agents, etc.

That's how we print our very first rule: We will only work with equipment we personally can trust

The Best (not for USA) Equipment.

We're not a "common" Mexican company, we don't work as Distributor but as Legal Representatives not for foreign companies, but for foreign partners. We respect the business models from every fabric we represent but we also ask for respect for a business model we develop during more than a decade working all along with México:

We work for Mexican police officers, not American, French, or Korean police officer, therefore we will always ask for products that will accomplish the needs of our country's sociological, technical, tactical, and budgetary requirements. In Grupo Sniper we always keep in mind our customer's lives, our dependencies' needs, our country budgets, and our partner's business model. This model has worked for the last 17 years, that's 3 federal administrations, 64 states administration, and over 700 municipal administrations all over México. We bet that's a Latin American record.

Commitment beyond the field.

Every day we keep in mind our roots, we know to live as law officers not only in México but also in Latin America is a constant struggle for social recognition, economic disadvantages, and equipment low-performance. Beyond that is the person, that's why Grupo Sniper provides support for personal development through sports, education, and family causes.

Closer than any other company.

Starting in 2006 Grupo Sniper open its own retail stores across México. Every location is designated considering several aspects and we have rejected also several offers from all around the country to work with distributors so we can keep control of final users. This is the most important objective for Grupo Sniper and for our foreign partners, we want our brands and products to be in the right hand and will do all we can do to assure this. We have also rejected collaborate with remarkable businessmen due to respect for both our brands and theirs.


Grupo Sniper is glad to welcome you to México